Can self-love help you lose weight?

A few years ago we took a family trip to Iceland! I wasn’t feeling my smallest on this trip so I avoided being in pictures a lot! Seriously, if I didn’t have my hair looking cute or if I didn’t have mascara on, I would literally run from someone trying to take my photo!

So we are on this boat in a magical country going whale watching and all I can think about is how unflattering the red jump suits are that we have to wear because it’s so freaking cold and windy.

I literally put a big glove in front of my face because I didn’t want my photo taken!

Looking at these photos today, I’m like, oh look how cute we were! Why was I freaking out?

‘Cause my self-love game was low back then. My weight bothered me and I wanted to look perfect in every picture! It’s taken me a lot of years (and a really amazing therapist) to finally get to a place where I don’t dislike my body. I’m not perfect, some days are easier than others! But I’m better!

You can join a lot of nutrition and weight loss groups these days, but if you don’t start loving your current body and your current self, not much will probably change.

That’s why I incorporate self-love into everything I teach. It’s why my guiding principles are...

✨ More grace & less judgement.

✨ More flexibility & less rigidity.

✨ More celebration & less self-loathing.

✨ Focus on progress & not perfection.

In addition to self-love, I’m teaching people how to slowly lose weight (5 lbs at a time), build muscle, the real secret to fat loss, how to age backwards (I’m 44 and feel 24), how to stay motivated, and how to live a better quality of life as we get older!

My new program - The 5 Pound Holiday Throw Down - starts on 11/30! Want to join us?

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