What you will learn in this powerful 4-week program:​

Understand how shifting just ONE MACRONUTRIENT can be the key to your sustained weight-loss success!


Learn the #1 SECRET to stop DIETING forever, so that you can focus on LIVING, instead of the yo-yo emotions of shame, guilt, and failure that accompany each and EVERY diet cycle.


Discover the RIGHT things to do to decrease body fat NOW, so that you can reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, lethargy, and cancer - to have a HEALTHIER quality of life as you age.


Learn how to get to, and STAY, at a weight, you FEEL so proud of.


Uncover the key to reduce hunger, STOP EMOTIONAL EATING, and ELIMINATE unwanted snacking, both of which keep you from losing weight and fitting into your favorite clothes!


Understand how to eat for YOUR body type so that you can be the lean and confident version of yourself ALL THE TIME!


Alyssa before and after.jpeg


Alyssa Smith 

Lost 40 LBS and 4 sizes

Elaine before and after.jpeg

Elaine Cheedle

Lost 50 LBS

I totally get the struggle and so do my clients.

We have ALL been there.

We women have all tried every single diet out there, and failed- this is why the dieting industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry- because you have to keep starting and stopping- spending and spending in hopes that the NEXT one will work.

This vicious cycle causes women to bounce back and forth between hope and losing hope. Trying and giving up!


Ugh! It makes you feel soul-sick and powerless.

BUT - YOU HAVE THE POWER - you just don’t know how to use it …


Until now.


AND...There is nothing wrong with you.

You just don’t have the right ‘recipe’ to support sustainable

weight-loss - yes, even during the holidays! 


I promise you can lose weight and feel sexy and confident PERMANENTLY. 

(Scroll to the bottom for a bit of my story!)


You don’t have to go through the terrible cycle of starting and feeling good, only to stop and feel defeated, withdrawn, powerless, guilty, ashamed, alone, and even depressed any longer. 

The thing is, when you focus on just a few things, in the RIGHT ways, that make the biggest impact on your weight, you can create results that last forever, so you never have to worry about gaining weight and feeling crappy again.


Feeling happy, playful, and confident in your body is not about deprivation, dieting, taking more supplements, or trying harder…


It's about letting go of what's NOT working so that you can do a FEW KEY things consistently...

…  so you can START losing weight and loving yourself NOW!


I'll show you a simple, 4-step system all of our clients use to lose weight with ease, become happy in your body, feel crystal clear on what to eat, and become the most confident version of yourself!

Isn't it time to try another way?



"Kim is a nutrition expert that leads by example. Her approach isn’t a “Go do this." Instead, Kim says: “Look, I am committed to this every single day with you." Kim is ALWAYS working through the ups and downs with you. For me personally when I used to have a “bad” day (meaning I might have fallen off plan or eaten something that didn’t make me feel that great, or missed getting my water in), Kim would be the first to help me brush it off and see it for what it is… LIFE… and that balance is more sustainable than perfection."



“I used to describe myself as chunky. I was 50 lbs overweight and didn’t feel energized. I had no idea what to eat to fuel my body! But that has all changed! I’m ending Kim’s Throw Down at 126.5 lbs, the lowest weight in my life. I’ve been on this program for a year and I know it’s a lifestyle I’ll stick with because I love it and don’t miss sugar and processed foods. I feel empowered to make good decisions for my health, and don’t need the willpower to avoid old habits.”



"Kim, it's been quite the journey! I've learned so much! Your program is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. You've changed my life and helped me influence those closest to me to do the same. Thank you for your knowledge, guidance, and constant encouragement! I feel great great and look better too! So many people are asking me what my secret it...it's you!"



Aren’t you tired of being stuck in cycles of trying the same ole' diets again and again, that have a starting point...


And more importantly, an END?


  • Imagine...actually losing weight during the Holidays (instead of gaining the typical 5-10 pounds)!

  • Imagine...starting the New Year already ahead of the game!

  • Imagine...feeling GREAT in your clothing ALL year long!

  • Imagine...NOT being tempted by an "extra" slice of pumpkin pie!


AND...Do all the holiday things you love, WITHOUT depriving yourself or feeling guilty!

Even though you know that diets don’t work long-term (or else you'd still be succeeding on one)! And you know the 'end of a diet' leads to feelings of frustration, failure, shame, and self-loathing:




Because your gorgeous inner voice KNOWS that there is a permanent solution.

You just haven't landed on it yet. 

Until now!


Finally, A Proven Step-By-Step Strategy To LOSE Weight During The Holiday Season - And Keep It Off PERMANENTLY! 

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December 7, 2020 - January 3, 2021

What You Get:

This is a CUSTOMIZED Health & Wellness program.


You will enjoy...

7 Nutrition & Lifestyle Videos

4 Sculpt Video Workouts

1 30-minute phone call with Kim

Personalized daily calorie range 

A results-driven tracking system

Weekly Accountability check-ins

What to Eat Lists

Sample Meal Plan Ideas

Private Facebook Group Community

Protein Masterclass Bonus




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"I was an overweight kid. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t on a diet. My mom was also overweight, so diets were kind of the thing we did together. We were emotional eaters. We ate  all the feelings... shame, frustration, loneliness, pain, anger, and everything in between. Instead of healing our hearts, which was causing the emotional eating, we just tried one new diet after another...

In my 20’s, I discovered diet pills, which just led to more yo-yo’ing, frustration, self-loathing and failure...


Finally after attending holistic nutrition school, I developed a formula that not only worked for me (I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off for more than 15 years- hooray!), but has worked for hundreds of  my women clients." - Kim Pollock  

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