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Bust through nutrition myths and re-ignite your faith in wellness

Are you trying to get healthy the old fashioned way?  From restricting calories and choosing foods labeled “sugar” or “fat” free to utilizing caffeine as a performance enhancer, you are likely choosing behaviors that appear to be good for you but are actually impeding long-term health. Holistic health and wellness expert, Kim Wilson Pollock, fuses humor, straight-talk, and compassionate storytelling as she shares why what we think we know about health is slowly killing us. She discusses how to fuel the body with real food, quality food, food that makes you feel good and just the right amount of full. She highlights how exercise is only a part of the solution, and the importance of prioritizing it for stress reduction versus for an endorphin rush (which only stresses our bodies out further). Our society has been misled about what constitutes true, sustainable health, and if we want a better outcome we have to shift our mindset and take the confusion of what being healthy really entails. Let Kim lead the way.