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Is your self-worth tied to how much you weigh? If you are anything like millions of women, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Having overcome her own difficult journey to detach her self-worth from her appearance,  holistic health expert, Kim Wilson Pollock, will show you how to reclaim your body story, heal past body wounds, choose foods that make you feel good permanently (rather than for a hot minute!), and lovingly handle emotional triggers without misusing food for comfort. How would your life change if you weren’t spending so much time chasing a certain number on a scale?

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All You Need to Know

Inspirational speaker and holistic health coach, Kim Wilson Pollock, is a cheerleader for women and men who hunger to feel good and live well. Having woken up and reclaimed her health at the age of 30 after her mother’s untimely death from ovarian cancer, Kim is on a crusade to shine a light on what constitutes true wellness and equips her audiences with practical strategies for eating real food, eliminating dieting and making nutritional choices in alignment with their personal and professional goals. As hip as she is full of heart, Kim is an audience favorite with college students, women, entrepreneurs, and the health conscious. With her unique blend of wit, wisdom and wonderful storytelling, Kim has shared her life changing nutrition and healthy living advice with media including FOX, CW and