Kim Wilson
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Free Healthy Recipes +
Diet Tips & Tricks That Actually Work

Stop Dieting. Start Living.

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In 3 short months, you can transform your health!

This 12 week nutrition program will help you increase your energy, kick the sugar habit, understand emotional eating and say goodbye to those unwanted pounds for good. No more yo-yo dieting. No calorie counting. No deprivation. Because you need to Stop Dieting and Start Living!


My personal philosophy to improve your health is to ADD IN something new to your daily routine each week. What we want to do is increase good habits. Here is the thing about habits, we don’t realize the havoc our bad habits are causing on our bodies because we do these things automatically day in and day out. This program will show you how to increase your good habits and reduce your bad habits.



  • Why dark, leafy greens will change your life
  • My #1 secret for successful weight loss (hint: get hydrated)
  • The supplements you definitely need to be taking and the ones to stay away from
  • How your gut health can prevent you from losing weight and feeling your best (and what to do about it)
  • Gain a  clear understanding of any imbalances in primary food and a starting point for determining where you may wish to spend more time and energy to create more joy in your life.
  • The reason why eating more healthy fat will help you LOSE more fat (crazy, right?)
  • How much meat, gluten and dairy you should be incorporating into your diet
  • Deconstruct your sugar cravings and learn WHY you are craving certain foods
  • Ways to boost your breakfast (and what the heck you should be eating)
  • How to get better sleep, de-stress and detoxify to improve your health and lose weight
  • Which exercise and fitness routine is best for YOUR body
  • Simple and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner


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“Kim didn’t just give me tools or motivate me to make better choices, she worked with me at my pace to help me believe I am capable of changing the way I live.” – Jennifer Vitela, Chicago IL


“Kim has managed to do in six months what medical physicians could not accomplish in 3 years. Kim’s philosophy of dark green leafy vegetables and whole grains changed my life. I no longer battle constant diarrhea and vomiting nor do I wake up at 3 am every morning reaching for the Tums because of reflux.” -Ramona Harp, Dallas TX



  • Upon registration you’ll receive immediate access to your “Getting Started Guide” with loads of information on how to clean up your diet and life, including your suggested shopping list and resource guide to make your program a success.
  • Then you’ll get an email from me every Monday morning for 3 months with handouts, tips, action items, and recipes that will teach you everything you need to know to eat and live well. During the 12 weeks you will also take your sugar busting “pink drink” in the morning, along with probiotics, a multi-vitamin and a gentle cleansing supplement (included in the cost of your program) so you can feel the effects of what optimal levels of nutrients can do for your body.


This program is valued at over $2,000.




Silver: $125 per month / 3 months

Initial phone consultation, 30 minutes

Emails every week for 3 months



Bronze: $165 per month / 3 months

1 hour phone consultation each month

Emails every week for 3 months


Meal Plan


Gold: $200 per month / 3 months

Unlimited access to me

My 5 favorite supplements

1 hour trip to the grocery store together

Private workshop with your friends at your home

1 hour phone consultation each month

Emails every week for 3 months


Meal Plan


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