Kim Wilson
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Client Praise!

Having battled with my weight my entire life, I knew I wanted to begin a HEALTHY journey. I have been overweight, underweight and everywhere in between. Kim has played an instrumental role in helping me shake the pattern of bad habits that had negatively impacted my health.

Ally Totah, Dallas TX

Kim is more health cheerleader than health coach.  She has shared so much information to educate me about nutrition and wellness.  But providing guidance is only a small fraction of the value she has brought to my life.  It’s her enthusiasm and gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement that has made the biggest difference.  I describe my wellness journey as “baby steps to a better life.”  Kim didn’t just give me tools or motivate me to make better choices, she worked with me at my pace to help me believe I am capable of changing the way I live.

Jennifer Vitela, Chicago IL

Kim Wilson has managed to do in six months what medical physicians could not accomplish in 3 years. I am a breast cancer survivor and chemo graduate. I have been struggling with GI problems for the past 4 years as a result from my life saving medical treatments. Kim’s philosophy of dark green leafy vegetables and whole grains changed my life. I no longer battle constant diarrhea and vomiting nor do I wake up at 3 am every morning reaching for the Tums because of reflux.

Ramona Harp, Dalls TX

Working with Kim has been life changing. I used to be so tired all the time and it was (literally) physically and emotionally exhausting. Kim showed me small steps that completely (and easily) changed my lifestyle, and together we completely jump-started my energy levels. For the first time in my life, I feel great! We made small changes to my lifestyle and diet in ways I would have never thought to do. Kim provided expert advice and fun new things to try that really helped me achieve my health and lifestyle goals. Kim is the best!! She is such a great coach and friend – she is so enthusiastic about health and wellness and made me equally psyched to find a healthier path and a happier me.

Joni Yamashiro, Los Angeles, CA

The most significant change that I have seen after completing Kim’s program is my attitude toward my health in general and food in particular, which has resulted in a weight loss of 30lbs in the six months I worked with Kim. Kim helped me work toward my goals by introducing me to daily green drinks , learning how to read labels , and over all conscienceless of how I treat my body and what I put into it. I would describe Kim as helpful, informative, motivating, and encouraging. She has made a significant, positive difference in my life.

Liz Smith, Dallas, TX

I have become so much more aware of what I put into my body. I’ve noticed myself just slowly making healthy changes to my diet, and I don’t feel sad or deprived but rather, proud of myself! Kim was able to help me work toward my goals by giving me suggestions for alternatives to the things I was already eating and doing. I’ve never felt like I had to do a huge overhaul to my diet, but instead, have upgraded some of my not-so-healthy daily habits so they become beneficial rather than detrimental to my health. I would describe Kim as a very friendly and warm person.

Emily Stephens, Dallas TX

I have such a new awareness of what I am eating.  And I actually have cravings for green juices now!  I drink more water, eat more dark leafy greens, and have better mental clarity. Kim was able to help me work toward my goals by providing me with ample resources and information and always following up with me. She is so creative in uncovering ever-updating health information – keeping her education current.  She has been so encouraging by explaining what good nutrition does for mind, body, and spirit. She has turned me onto juicing. And she holds me accountable in a positive and energizing manner. Kim is passionate about helping people turn the corner from health crisis to health wellness!

Frances Holland, Burleson TX