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Dump Sugar and Bad Carbs Boot Camp

Dump Sugar & Bad Carbs for Good!


Watch this WEBINAR and learn…


How dumping sugar and bad carbs could mean life or death for you and your loved ones…and how doing so is achievable with my proven 4-Step System.


In fact, I’ve overcome sugar and carb addiction after 30 years…and I’ll prove to you that it is possible for you too.


Getting rid of sugar doesn’t have to be hard and you can do it WITHOUT

  • Dieting
  • Deprivation
  • Weighing yourself
  • Will power & discipline


MY MISSION: Help 10,000 People Dump Sugar & Bad Carbs for Good!


For some, dumping sugar and bad carbs is a painful process because…

  • Sugar is in everything
  • Bad carbs are convenient
  • These substances help numb the struggles of life
  • You get a temporary feeling of happiness after eating/drinking them



Sugar & Bad Carbs Will Destroy Your Health

  • According to the CDC, 69% of American adults over 20 years old are overweight.
  • A USDA study showed that Americans spent over $54 billion to buy 14 billion gallons of soda.
  • Another USDA report said that the average American consumes anywhere between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars in one year.
  • Sugar & Bad Carbs destroy your Gut Health.
  • Change your gut, change your life!

Consuming these drug-like substances can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Your quality of life will suffer if you continue to eat sugar and bad carbs for years. Do you feel unmotivated, tired, experience brain fog, are less productive, and sick all the time?

The power of my 4-step system is that…

  • You do NOT need to diet!
  • You do NOT need to deprive yourself!
  • You do NOT have to have cravings!
  • You do NOT need to have will power or discipline!

My “Dump Sugar & Bad Carbs for Good” Boot Camp is for you if you are feeling helpless in your efforts to avoid sugar and bad carbs and you are ready to get off the roller coaster ride of being on and off of these addictive foods! This program is also for you if you have tried to “succeed” alone and failed countless times! If you want to improve your Gut Health, dumping sugar & bad carbs is critical!

Here’s what is different about this system: It’s easy! No dieting, no deprivation, and no guilt (you can eat bacon & butter)!


Here are just some of the things I will be covering in my Boot Camp:

  • How to stop overeating and consuming “bad” foods like sugar and carbs because you aren’t in the mood to eat or make something healthy.
  • Eat more fat to lose fat (did I mention butter?).
  • Eat as much as you want without experiencing cravings.
  • The time of day that you eat certain foods MATTERS.
  • The secret to feeling motivated to exercise, wake up early & meal prep.
  • Why you should decrease your consumption of chicken and raw spinach.
  • How the mold in common food and beverages are making you fat!
  • Gut Health 101 – become an expert on how to improve your gut!

This program has so much VALUE! $2,970 worth of value in fact! 

For $397, you will receive:

  • 4 Group Coaching Zoom Calls ($1,500 Value)
  • In-depth understanding of my 4-Step Dump Sugar & Bad Carb system ($900 Value)
  • (1) 30 minute health coaching session ($250 Value)
  • Daily emails ($200 Value)
  • Recipes ($100 Value)
  • My eBook ($20 Value)
  • Accountability Partner
  • Private Facebook group
  • Access to a health coach for 6 weeks
  • A plan, a roadmap to help you finally get off of sugar and bad carbs for good

You will learn important information about the steps you can take to dump sugar and bad carbs for good!

Module 1: Your Why / Meal Prep / How Toxins Work Against Your Healthy Efforts / Cold Turkey or Slow & Steady

Module 2: What to Eat / Why Good Fats are Imperative to Success / Foods to Avoid / Essential Supplements / The Bulletproof Diet 

Module 3: Deep Dive Into Managing Stress / Relaxation / Self Care

Module 4: How Your Gut Health Is Affected By Dumping Sugar & Bad Carbs for Good

Module 5: Dispelling Myths About Health & Wellness

Module 6: Mastering Your Wellness Long Term

You can start the program at any time and go at your own pace!

If you are READY to change your life, to prevent illness & disease, to start feeling your absolute best, register HERE.


Let me know if you have any questions!




Kim Wilson Pollock

Holistic Health Coach

Emerald Ambassador / Plexus Worldwide

Yoga Teacher / CorePower Yoga