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21-Day Clean Eating + Workout Challenge

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Picture this: A Holistic Health Coach gives you step by step instructions, detailed shopping lists, delicious recipes and easy to use tracking tools to lose weight, stop food cravings and reset your metabolism.


21-Day Clean Eating + Workout Challenge

The first 10 days of my program are based on the New York Times bestselling book “The 10-Day Detox Diet,” written by my mentor Dr. Mark Hyman. This book is an excellent resource to have handy during the 10 days. The benefits of completing a detox program can be life changing:

  • End food cravings
  • Balance insulin and sugar levels
  • Activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat
  • Create effortless appetite control
  • Debug your digestive system
  • Burn more calories (even while you sleep)
  • Reset your metabolism for life


Eliminate all sugar, alcohol, dairy, gluten, caffeine, grains, beans, and processed foods. This means no coffee, no beer, no wine, no liquor, no honey, no maple syrup, no soda, no diet soda, no Splenda, no artificial sweeteners of any kind, no milk, no ice cream, no yogurt, no cheese, no rice, no crackers, no hummus, no oatmeal, no wheat tortillas, no wheat bread, no bread of any kind, no iced tea, no canola oil, and no Gatorade or other sports drinks.


The amazing part about this program is that you can eat as much real food as you want. No calorie counting. If you are hungry, eat! Just choose foods from the approved list.


Enjoy fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, grass-fed beef, walnuts, pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, dark leafy green vegetables, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, unsweetened almond butter, coconut milk, almond milk, olives, herbs, spices and much more.


Day 11 – 21 focus on how to stick with your new clean eating lifestyle, how to integrate foods back into your diet, and the importance of juicing, managing stress and maintaining healthy nutrition for the rest of your life.

21-Day Clean Eating + Workout Challenge includes:

-An Accountability Partner
-10-Day Detox (no sugar, no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no processed foods)
-Kim’s 30-Day Meal Plan
-Daily emails
-A private Accountability Facebook page
-Daily workout challenges
(2) Health Coaching Group Calls
Fun Prizes

$500 Value!!!!


The Cost

Plexus Ambassadors $50

Non-Plexus Participants $124.95 (includes a 30 day supply of my 3 favorite Plexus supplements)


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