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Why I Love Plexus & Bulletproof!

Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Plexus | Comments Off on Why I Love Plexus & Bulletproof!

As a Holistic Health Coach, I love helping people reach their health & wellness goals! Not all Nutrition experts agree on how to achieve optimal health – and my way isn’t the only way – so I encourage you to experiment with the diet and supplement protocol that works best for your unique body! Everyone is different!

My approach is a 4-step system:

  • Take supplements! Most Americans are nutrient deprived because of depleted nutrients in our food, the increase in stress and demands in our lives, and the abundance of toxins and chemicals all around us! My supplement partner is Plexus Worldwide and I love these plant-based products!


  • Improve your nutrition! What you eat affects how you feel! If you are eating crap, you will feel like crap! I personally eat a high fat, high veggie diet. I follow the Bulletproof Nutrition protocol! It has helped me lose fat, improve my brain health, and my athletic performance is off the charts!


  • Mange your stress! If you eat “perfect” (who really does that though?), you still might have a hard time reaching your health goals because your life is over scheduled and stressed! Try deep breathing, yoga, journaling, praying and meditation to help relax your mind. When your mind relaxes, your body will follow.


  • Moving your body is critical to feeling great! Sweating is an incredible way to detox the body! Too little, or too much exercise can work against you, so a balanced approach is best!



I am so blessed by Plexus! I chose Plexus as my product partner 3 years ago…and as a Holistic Health Coach, it was one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made.


Prior to Plexus, I was a supplement snob. My husband used to joke and say that most husbands had to worry about their wives spending money on clothes, purses and shoes! Not him! He had to worry about my supplement spending! Ha! I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on supplements over the years. There was a time when I was spending $400-$600 a month on supplements! Believe me when I say, I’ve tried everything! Praise God that Plexus is a more affordable option! And our products WORK!


Although our products don’t say “organic” on the label, rest assured that the ingredients in our products are QUALITY! One of the first things I did before I ordered Plexus was to take a good hard look at every single ingredient in every product! After I scoured the labels, I put my skepticism aside, ordered the TRIPLEX & Accelerator…and the rest is history!


Our products are UNIQUE. They feature ingredients that most supplements don’t have. For example, the ALOE in our X-Factor is unusual. Most multi-vitamins don’t have aloe, which is an ingredient that increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals by 200% (plus aloe is considered a superfood). Slim has Alpha Lipoic Acid as an ingredient. My mom took Alpha Lipoic Acid by itself during her cancer journey to improve her immune system (which is one of the reasons I decided to try Plexus). Our Mega X has a unique source of Omegas…it comes from the Ahi flower. No one else has that! The Ahi flower is amazing and has one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory properties in the world! Our Ease products feature New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, which is also a unique ingredient that helps decrease inflammation in the body! Have you heard that Inflammation is the precursor to most major disease in this country!!???


You can’t go to Walmart, GNC, Walgreens or CVS and find these type of ingredients!!!!


My Bulletproof story


Never – in my wildest dreams – did I think I would be on a diet protocol with COFFEE as the star of the show! I have been a skeptic of the Bulletproof Diet for YEARS because I didn’t drink coffee. In fact, I didn’t even take a peek or research Bulletproof because of the coffee component of the diet. I had been preaching for years that coffee is NOT health promoting. Why would I go on a nutrition protocol that promoted coffee as a healthy beverage?


Guess what! Now, I am!


Yes, I am eating some crow here.


But it is worth being WRONG to feel this AMAZING!


On December 5, I went cold turkey and dumped ALL refined sugar. No more vegan cookies, no more coconut ice cream, no more dark chocolate, no more cupcakes (gasp!) and no more Little Secrets! My aunt received an ovarian cancer diagnosis (the same cancer my mom died from) and I received God’s message loud and clear. It was time to reign in my sugar consumption. Because if I am honest, I had gotten off track. I had experienced some struggles in 2016 that led me back to my old habits, relying on an old friend: sugar.


After 60 days off sugar, I felt really good. But I wanted to feel GREAT. I was enjoying the benefits of dumping sugar (flatter belly, more energy, improved mood, and less brain fog, just to name a few), but I wanted to UPGRADE my performance. In particular, my goal was to lower my body fat and experience sharper focus and improved memory. So I did what any normal curious human being would do: I googled “fat loss and cognitive health” and – to my dismay – Bulletproof came up in my search. I rolled my eyes, but started reading more about the Bulletproof protocol. What I read really SURPRISED me. I spent the next two hours reading, studying and learning about this nutrition program. The more I read, the more excited I got.


Here is a quick snapshot of Bulletproof Coffee and a breakdown of it’s components:


Non-moldy Bulletproof Coffee: Most people are surprised to learn there are more chemicals in their coffee than on an average pharmacy shelf. Mycotoxins are documented to cause substantial suffering by disease and death in humans and animals. OTA is the dangerous mold toxin and is produced most often by two Penicillium species (P. verrucoum and P. norduim) on poorly stored cereals or by a wide range of Aspergilli in variety of products, including wine and coffee. It is so alarming, in fact, that many countries set strict limits for OTA in foods, including coffee. Roasting kills the mold, but the mold toxin – the OTA – remains.


Brain Octane Oil: C8, Caprylic Acid (Brain Octane) is the rarest 6% of coconut oil. It has potent anti-microbial properties (way more potent than lauric acid) to help you maintain a healthy gut, and it is the fastest to metabolize in the brain. Your liver does not need to process this rare type of MCT, and it only takes 3 steps for your body to turn it into ATP, the cellular fuel you use (sugar, for example, takes 26 steps). This is why Brain Octane is so good at suppressing cravings and is the most powerful oil to put in Bulletproof Coffee. You would need 18 tablespoons of coconut oil to get just 1 TBS of Brain Octane.


Grass-fed Butter: The secret ingredient in butter is butyrate. It helps lower cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and helps increase the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut. It’s also full of Vitamin A, K,D and E!



How I make my Bulletproof coffee in the morning: I heat up my water. I add the water to my French Press with the 2.5 TBS of Bulletproof Coffee in it. I steep it for 4 minutes. Then I press it, pour out the coffee into a blender and add 2 TBS butter and 2 TBS Brain Octane Oil!



Check out the Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit HERE.


Want more details on the FULL Bulletproof protocol? Watch my webinar replay HERE.


Have you tried Plexus products? Have you tried Bulletproof coffee? I would love to hear from you!





Kim Wilson Pollock

Holistic Health Coach

Yoga Teacher

Plexus Ambassador



Free Healthy Recipes +
Diet Tips & Tricks That Actually Work