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Dealing With Detox Symptoms

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Healthy Lifestyle, Plexus | 18 comments

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Dealing With Detox Symptoms

When you decide to make some major changes to your diet, it is very common to feel bad AT FIRST. Why? Because your body is detoxifying and detoxification symptom are not always pleasant (ok, they are never pleasant). You might be starting a new way of eating or perhaps you are eliminating certain foods from your diet. Maybe you have decided to do a juice cleanse or you have added new Plexus supplements to your routine. Whatever the “change,” your body needs some time to adjust. Be patient. Hang in there. And raise your awareness of what is happening in your body and how you can improve the temporary anguish.


Holistic physician Dr. Mark Hyman explains the detox process in the following way:


“One of the reasons detox symptoms occur is because your body created antibodies to fight the foods it doesn’t like, and when you stop eating the foods, those antibodies are looking for something to do. So they pile on top of one another and form giant immune complexes. These big flashing warning signals tell your body that something bad is happening and they activate your immune system. Your withdrawal symptoms are your body’s way of trying to fight off these antibodies.”


Common detox symptoms include: Fatigue, headaches, bad breath, constipation, achy flu-like feeling, hunger, irritability, itchy skin, nausea, bloating, weight gain, offensive body odor, sleep irregularities, stomach aches, and brain fog.


Instead of giving up on your new healthy lifestyle, embrace these symptoms. It means that what you are doing is WORKING. Smile at that headache. Don’t weight yourself during this period of time (or ever, read more about that HERE), and laugh at the fatigue you are experiencing.


There are some things you can do to ease the symptoms. Here are a few of my suggestions.

  • Fatigue: This is the most common complaint from my clients that begin taking the Plexus ProBio5 & BioCleanse supplements and/or participate in my 10-Day Detox. It’s just temporary. Drink more water. And listen to your body. Slow down. Perhaps cut down on the intense exercise and opt for a relaxing walk instead. Add in the Plexus Pink Drink for energy. Rub some peppermint essential oil on your wrists. Sprinkle a little bit of cayenne in your water along with some lemon. Make a green juice and add jalapeno pepper in it. Or get outside for some fresh air. You can also do some deep breathing exercises.


  • Headaches: When you eliminate certain foods from your diet – sugar, white flour, caffeine, alcohol and refined carbohydrates – getting a headache is completely normal. If you are adding supplements that clean up your gut – like ProBio5 and BioCleanse – your body begins to kill off yeast, candida, fungus and bad bacteria in your colon and that dead matter hanging out in your bloodstream can be uncomfortable. Increase your BioCleanse, as magnesium can help. Drink more water. Stand in water that is hot for 2 minutes and then stand in water as cold as you can tolerate for 2 minutes and alternate back and forth for 20 minutes. You can also try ginger tea.


  • Bloating & Constipation: Typically bloating occurs when you are not allowing the toxins to exit the body. When the bad stuff is hanging out in your colon, you are going to feel really bloated. Drink as much water as possible. Increase your BioCleanse because magnesium can help with elimination. Mindfully eat – don’t eat while you are on the phone or watching TV and eat slowly – your brain might not send a signal to your body to start digestion if it is distracted or you are shoveling food in. Don’t eat fruits after a meal. Eat your smallest meal of the day at night. Breakfast and lunch should be substantial when your digestive fire is the highest. Try not to eat at least 3.5 hours before going to bed. If you go to bed at 10 pm, don’t eat any later than 6:30 pm. Sweat, pee & poop – those are the main three ways we get rid of toxins!


  • Diarrhea: Eliminate spicy foods, alcohol, cocoa, chocolate, and caffeinated products for a week or so. And it’s also helpful to eliminate all roughage-type food for a short period of time until the diarrhea ends. Activated charcoal has been shown to help alleviate symptoms. I love the Plexus Body Cream for this. You can also soak in a Detox bath – fill up the tub with warm water and add 2-4 cups of Epsom salts. Decrease your Plexus BioCleanse if you have diarrhea. You can also add in some Vitamin E.


  • Weight gain: As your body begins the detox process, it is common to gain weight at first. I recommend throwing your scale away in general (see why HERE), instead watch how your clothes fit and use a measuring tape to keep track of your inches. Drink more water, urinate more, poop more and be patient. Weight gain can also be more common depending on where you are in your cycle. Avoid highly processed foods, which aggravate the gut. Examples include gluten, wheat, white flour, dairy, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and alcohol.


  • Nausea: As your body goes through a withdrawal period, nausea can occur. Drink some ginger tea or grate some fresh ginger over your meal. Peppermint & cilantro can also be helpful to ease nausea.


Keep in mind we are all unique. Each of our bodies is going to react in a different way to a new diet or supplement routine. There is no “one” solution for everyone.


What do you do when you start feeling detox symptoms? Comment below! I would love to hear from you!


Your Health Rocks,




Kim Wilson Pollock

Free Healthy Recipes +
Diet Tips & Tricks That Actually Work


  1. great article. I will be sharing this for certain. What is your 10 day detox? I would love info on it.

    Thanks again catherine

    • Thanks Catherine! Details on my 10-Day Detox can be found here:

      • How temporary is the weight gain and bloating?

        • Hi Sally! It depends on the person. Our bodies are all different. Some folks feel it for 3-5 days, other people have detox symptoms for weeks.

  2. Day 3 on plexus and I have headaches…feeling down and depressed…

    • Hang in there Libby! I promise it will get better! Once you get over the detox hump, you will fee amazing!

  3. Day 3 and I’m itchy. I guess it’s working. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Aliza! Hang in there! That is a normal detox symptom! It should go away! Rub some Plexus body cream on your body or use some coconut oil!

  4. I have been on plexus now for almost a month and I am having headaches, hot flashes where I just break out in a sweat and then get cold. When I first started I felt like I was hungry all the time that passed. I still have bad headaches and the hot flashes. Not sure if this is normal.

    • Yes, that can be normal. The pink drink revs the metabolism, so feeling hungry is normal, especially if you are a meal skipper or low calorie eater!

  5. Can you expect changes in your pee when you detox as well? For example, smelling different and/or a different color after starting Plexus?

    • Yes! Our urine is one of the most important ways our body gets rid of toxins!

  6. Greasy hair?

    • Yes, that is likely a detox symptom!

  7. I am on day 6 of the slim and super thirsty today. All I want to do is drink water. Is this detox as well from just the slim?

    • Yes, that is a detox symptom! Keep drinking lots of water! Great job!

  8. Is dry mouth a common detox symptom for the slim? I am drinking almost 3 litres of water a day but my mouth feels like cotton balls not mater how much I drink. Is this temporary?

    • Yes, that is very common and yes it is temporary! Keep going, you are doing great!