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The good news is, I can totally help you feel better! And guess what? It's super simple. We take it nice and slow and make small changes over time that create big, big results. The transforming, holy cow, didn't know that I could do that kind of changes. Are you ready? It all starts with food. Because food is medicine!

Recent Blog Posts

What is the Bulletproof Nutrition Protocol?

                    Bulletproof is much more than just non-moldy coffee with butter and oil; in fact it is an entirely new way of eating! (Dare I call it a “lifestyle???”). I fell in love with the Bulletproof nutrition protocol after researching ways to improve my brain cognition & fat loss. As I get older (I’m over 40), I want more energy, sharper thinking and lots of muscle!!! ????   Prior to starting the Bulletproof protocol, I was NOT a coffee drinker. I did not like Intermittent fasting. And I have been trained NOT to skip breakfast! ???   Here is what I  ❤️❤️❤️ about Bulletproof:    Healthy fat is the star of the diet (hello, avocado!).   Vegetables are super important, but there are some “suspect” veggies that you might want to avoid which could be preventing you from reaching your health goals.   We eat healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, but just at night.   Limit chicken, which are higher in Omega 6’s (and too many Omega 6’s cause inflammation).   Moderate amounts of organic protein with an emphasis on grass-fed beef and wild seafood.   The way you cook your food is much more important than you think!   You don’t have to drink Bulletproof coffee to be successful on the nutrition plan (but it sure is yummy).   Bulletproof coffee is a great hack to get through Intermittent Fasting without feeling HANGRY   This diet focuses on eliminating toxins and molds that prevent most Read More

Why I Love Plexus & Bulletproof!

As a Holistic Health Coach, I love helping people reach their health & wellness goals! Not all Nutrition experts agree on how to achieve optimal health – and my way isn’t the only way – so I encourage you to experiment with the diet and supplement protocol that works best for your unique body! Everyone is different! My approach is a 4-step system: Take supplements! Most Americans are nutrient deprived because of depleted nutrients in our food, the increase in stress and demands in our lives, and the abundance of toxins and chemicals all around us! My supplement partner is Plexus Worldwide and I love these plant-based products!   Improve your nutrition! What you eat affects how you feel! If you are eating crap, you will feel like crap! I personally eat a high fat, high veggie diet. I follow the Bulletproof Nutrition protocol! It has helped me lose fat, improve my brain health, and my athletic performance is off the charts!   Mange your stress! If you eat “perfect” (who really does that though?), you still might have a hard time reaching your health goals because your life is over scheduled and stressed! Try deep breathing, yoga, journaling, praying and meditation to help relax your mind. When your mind relaxes, your body will follow.   Moving your body is critical to feeling great! Sweating is an incredible way to detox the body! Too little, or too much exercise can work against you, so a balanced approach is best!   PLEXUS I am Read More

Yoga Interview: Lauryn Ritzmann

  One of my favorite things about becoming a Yoga Teacher is the community! I have met the most wonderful & amazing people! And Lauryn Ritzmann is no exception!   Lauryn is the Louisville CorePower Yoga Studio Manager. She is a beautiful mom of two and hails from Long Island, NY! And she is one of my favorite Yoga Teachers. Lauryn’s energy is infectious and she is always smiling! Lauryn is by far one of the most encouraging yoga teachers that I have taken a class from! Her classes are fun & challenging. She is humble and really funny! Y’all, yoga is supposed to be FUN!   Before she became a Yoga Teacher, Lauryn worked at Starbucks for 7 years. Begrudgingly, she attended her first yoga class at CorePower Yoga  five years ago. Her sister Nicole – who is also a CorePower Yoga Teacher – dragged her by her beautiful curly locks! Nicole knew that Lauryn would fall in love with yoga, just like she had! But Lauryn had many reservations about starting a yoga practice! She wasn’t flexible, she disliked the heat, she didn’t want other people looking at her not doing the poses correctly, and she didn’t have the stereotypical yoga teacher’s body.   But after Lauryn’s first yoga class at CorePower Broomfield East, she was hooked! And the rest is history! Because of her amazing yoga practice, Lauryn is happier. She is less concerned about what other people think of her. She has connected to her intuition and she even says that Read More